Frequently Asked Questions

How does the process work to get your Medical Marijuana Card?

To get your Medical Marijuana Card you must first be diagnosed with a qualifying medical condition. You must also be able to prove your state or seasonal residency. Finally, at Miracle Leaf Health Centers you will be diagnosed by one of our cannabis physicians who are certified to recommend medical marijuana. You will then be able to visit and purchase at your nearest dispensary.

Are there dispensaries in Florida?

YES! There are over 454 physical dispensary locations in the state of Florida.

How much is a medical marijuana card?

At Miracle Leaf Health Centers we have very competitive pricing. Our Certification fee for a medical marijuana card is $199. This includes the certification, the physician’s evaluation as well as adding the patient to the Florida Medical Marijuana Use Registry. We also have the Miracle Leaf “Best Buds Deal”, where you can bring a friend and receive discounted pricing of two new patient certifications for $299. That’s a $50 savings for you and your friend!

Is this a one time payment and are there any recurring or hidden fees?

It is required by the state of Florida, by law, to renew your certification every 7 months which costs $149. The state of Florida also requires that your card is renewed yearly for $77.75

Can I have both a Concealed Weapon License and Medical Marijuana license?

Having a medical marijuana card will not be a reason to prevent you from getting a concealed weapons permit. The Florida Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Nicole “Nikki” Fried, oversees the state department tasked with issuing concealed weapons permits and has confirmed that becoming a medical marijuana patient after receiving a concealed weapons permit will not lead to the permit being revoked.

*Reference Article: Can You Have Both A CWFL And Medical Marijuana Card

Do I need a medical marijuana card to purchase CBD and Delta 8 THC products?

NO! You DO NOT need a medical card to buy CBD and Delta 8 THC as it was federally legalized in 2018. Miracle Leaf offers a wide variety of CBD and Delta 8 THC products. You can view our full product line at

How old do I need to be to get my card?

You only need to be 18 to receive a medical marijuana card. However, if you are under the age of 18 a second physician must concur with the primary physician’s diagnosis. This means that 2 certifications from a medical cannabis certifying doctor is required as well as a caregiver. Any patient over the age of 18 does not need a caregiver and can obtain a MMJ card by themselves.

Can I get my card through telemedicine?

Depending on which state you reside in, telemedicine may be an option for you. Florida’s telehealth emergency waivers ended on June 26, 2021, after Governor Ron DeSantis’ executive orders expired. The waivers were originally contained in Emergency Orders 20-002 and 20-003. On July 21, 2021, the Florida DOH issued an update that telehealth services were no longer permitted in Florida. Other states around the country may still be able to offer telehealth services. For more information on our national telehealth services please contact our corporate office!

Can I smoke and drive?

No, you can not smoke while driving. This is considered driving under the influence. Because of the high-THC components of cannabis, you should wait several hours before operating a vehicle. 

Can I drive with my products?

You may, however, keep your products in the trunk of your car or inaccessible so there is no question about whether you have medicated yourself in your car if you do happen to encounter law enforcement officials.

Do I need medical records to get approved?

Medical records are always best to have as supporting documentation for the state. It depends on your certifying physician if they require supporting documentation or not. At Miracle Leaf we have multiple ways to help you get approved to use medical marijuana.

What type of medical records are required/accepted for my certification?

We accept any prior medical history/record that portrays and reflects a qualifying diagnosis. Accepted medical records may also be any pharmacy prescription records, cancer treatment records, medical diagnosis by certified physicians, psychiatry, and more. Feel free to contact your nearest Miracle Leaf location for specific questions regarding your medical records.  

Can I order products online?

YES! Most of the Florida dispensaries offer delivery services. Contact your favorite dispensary about placing an online order to have them deliver products directly to your home or place of employment. 

To purchase high quality, doctor recommended CBD and Delta 8 THC products you can go to and get your product delivered. 

Can I return dispensary products?

The only dispensary that has the ability to exchange products without a charge is Trulieve. Feel free to contact your favorite dispensary to see what their process is for exchanging products.

Are there any purchase limits?

Currently, you are able to purchase 2.5 ounces of whole flower cannabis every 35 days. This limit has been set by the department of health and may change in the future. The other route limits depend on what your doctor sets as your prescription. There is no purchase limit on Miracle Leaf’s CBD and Delta 8 THC products.

How do I know these products are safe?

All dispensary and hemp retailer products are required to provide a Certificate of Analysis to ensure the quality of the product meets the customer requirements. To learn more about the quality of your product, contact your favorite dispensary. For more information on Miracle Leaf products, please contact us.