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Physical Certifications

  • $199
  • Veterans Certification: $179
  • Doctor Guidance & Recommendations
  • (180 Day Recommendation Included for Initial Certification)
  • Assistance with Department of Health Process
  • Georgia DOH State Fee: $25.00

Semi Annual Follow Up

  • $99 $49
  • 180 Day Renewal
  • Doctor Guidance & Recommendations
  • Assistance with Department of Health Process

Get Started

  • $49 Down Payment with low “Payment Options”
  • Initial Consultations or Referrals
  • Doctor Guidance & Recommendations
  • Assistance with department of health process
  • Bi-weekly payments
  • Buy Now Pay Later Program
  • No Hidden Fees

*At Participating Locations

To See If You Qualify, Or If You Have Questions Call (678) 809-9844

Fees are an estimate only and may be more depending on your situation

About Miracle Leaf – Georgia

Located within the scenic state of Georgia, our facility is dedicated to helping individuals throughout the state obtain their Georgia Medical Marijuana Card. To secure your Georgia Medical Marijuana Card, your first essential step involves a comprehensive evaluation and medical marijuana recommendation from a licensed and qualified physician in the state of Georgia. Once endorsed by one of our Georgia Marijuana Doctors, your next course of action is to enroll in the Georgia Marijuana Card Registry Program. Our process is designed to be user-friendly and efficient, as we aim to assist you in expediting your state application for the speediest possible approval. Patients holding a valid Georgia Medical Marijuana Card can legally access their medical marijuana at licensed dispensaries and enjoy the legal rights to possess and use medical marijuana throughout the entire state of Georgia.

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