OMMU Update 08.29.22


Beginning Monday, August 29, 2022, section 381.986(4)(f), Florida Statutes (F.S.), which states, in part, “The department [of Health] shall quantify by rule a daily dose amount with equivalent dose amounts for each allowable form of marijuana dispensed by a medical marijuana treatment center. The department shall use the daily dose amount to calculate a 70-day supply.” In compliance with Florida law, the Department of Health has published Emergency Rule 64ER22-8, Dosing and Supply Limits for Medical Marijuana, to determine daily dose amounts and 70-day supply limits for approved routes of administration of marijuana (excluding low-THC cannabis). 


  • Daily Dose Amount: 60mg THC
  • 70-Day Supply Limit: 4,200mg THC

Inhalation (e.g., vaporization)

  • Daily Dose Amount: 350mg THC
  • 70-Day Supply Limit: 24,500mg THC

Oral (e.g., capsules, tinctures)

  • Daily Dose Amount: 200mg THC
  • 70-Day Supply Limit: 14,000mg THC

Sublingual (e.g., sublingual tinctures)

  • Daily Dose Amount: 190mg THC
  • 70-Day Supply Limit: 13,300mg THC


  • Daily Dose Amount: 195mg THC
  • 70-Day Supply Limit: 13,650mg THC

Topical (e.g., creams)

  • Daily Dose Amount: 150mg THC
  • 70-Day Supply Limit: 10,500mg THC

Marijuana in a form of smoking

  • Daily Dose Amount: 2.025 grams 
  • 70-Day Supply Limit: N/A

*An aggregate (total) 70-day supply limit of marijuana, other than marijuana in a form for smoking, shall not exceed 24,500 mg of THC.*



Effective Date: Monday, August 29th, 2022. 

Statewide Update: The OMMU update applies to ALL current and future patients of the Florida Medical Marijuana Program.

Current Patients: Current patients with an active recommendation do not need to worry about this update for now as their current recommendation will be grandfathered in. Furthermore existing certifications will not be affected. *Subject to change when patient’s renew their prescription.* 

Approved Routes: This registry update will affect all routes that patients are approved to intake. Patients should consider what routes they want to use as the ability to use all routes within the given dose amounts will be limited.

Smokable Flower: The OMMU update does not affect the current dosing for smokable flowers. As shown on the diagram from the Department of Health, a smokable flower has its own dosage category.

Request for Exemption: Physicians can request an exception to the daily dose amount by electronically submitting the “Request for Exception” form in the Registry. Exemption requests are up to the discretion of the physician and may be reserved for patients with more severe medical conditions.


For more information:

Office of Medical Marijuana Use

Florida Department of Health

Toll Free Number: 800-808-9580